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簡要描述:BK PRECISION電源,BK Precision直流電子負載,BKPrecision萬用表,BK Precision信號發生器,BK Precision示波器,BKPRECISION頻譜分析儀,BKPrecisionLCR電表,BK Precision風速儀,BK Precision照度計,BK Precision配件

  • 產品型號:BK Precision
  • 廠商性質:代理商
  • 更新時間:2017-04-18
  • 訪  問  量:3757




1211EEXDHandheld NTSC Generator
1257 Portable NTSC Generator
1275 Portable Video Pattern Generator
1550-220V DC Pwr Supply w/USB Charger Outp 1-36V, 0-3.3A - 220VAC Ver.
1621AEXD0 to 18V, 0 to 5A Digital Display Power Supply
1623AEXD0 to 60V, 0 to 1.5A  Digital Display Power Supply
1627AEXD0 to 30V, 0 to 3A Digital Display Power Supply
1651AEXDTriple Output DC Power Supply
1652EXDTriple Output Digital Display DC Power Supply
1665 1-19.99V, 9.999A Switching DC Power Supply
1666 1-40V, 5A Switching DC Power Supply
1667 1-60V, 3.3A Switching DC Power Supply
1670AEXDTriple-Output 30VDC, 3A Digital Display Power Supply
1671AEXDTriple-Output 30VDC, 5A Digital Display Power Supply
1672EXDTriple Output Quad


1673EXDTriple Output Quad Display DC Power Supply ((2) 0-32V, 0-6A/


 1-60V, 5A Switching DC Power Supply
1687B 1-36V, 10A Switching DC Power Supply
1688B 1-18V, 20A Switching DC Power Supply
1692-220V 3-15VDC, 40A Switching Power Supply - 220VAC version
1693 1-15V, 60A Switching DC Power Supply with Remote Sense
1694 1-30V, 30A Switching DC Power Supply with Remote Sense
1696 Programmable DC Switching Power Supply, 1-20VDC, 0-9.99A
1697 Programmable DC Power Supply, 1-40VDC, 0-5A
1698 Programmable DC PwrSupply, 1-60VDC, 3.3A
1710AEXDAnalog DC Power Supply (0-30V, 0-1A)
1715AEXD4 Digit Disp.DC PwrSply(0-60V, 0-2A)
1730AEXDAnalog DC Power Supply (0-30V, 0-3A)
1735AEXD4 Digit Display DC Power Supply (0-30V, 0-3A)
1737EXDDual Range DC Power Supply, 30V, 3A or 60V, 2A
1739EXDLow Current High Resolution Power Supply, 30V, 1A
1740BEXDAnalog DC Power Supply (0-60V, 0-4A)
1743BEXD4 Digit Display DC Power Supply (0-35V, 0-6A)
1744AEXD0-35 VDC, 0-10A, DC Power Supply
1745AEXD0-35V, 0-10A, Digital DC Power Supply
1747EXDDual Range DC Power Supply, 30V, 10A or 60V, 5A
1760AEXD4 Digit Triple Output Pwr Sply ((2)0-30V, 0-2A/(1)4-6.5V, 5A
1761EXD4 Digit Triple Output Pwr Sply ((2)0-35V, 0-3A/(1)2-6.5V, 5A
1762EXDTriple Output Power Supply (2)0-60V, 0-2A/(1)4-6.5V, 4A
1785BEXD0-18VDC, 0-5A, Programmable DC Supply w/RS232 Interface
1786BEXD0-32VDC, 0-3A, Programmable DC Supply w/RS232 Interface
1787BEXD0-72VDC, 0-1.5A, Programmable DC Supply w/RS232 Interface
1788EXD0-32VDC, 0-6A, Digital Readout DC Power Supply w/RS232 Intfc
1790EXDHigh Current Linear Power Supply, 0-32VDC- 20A, LED
1791EXDHigh Current Linear Power Supply, 0-64VDC- 10A, LED
1794EXDHi-Current DC Power Supply 0-32V/0-30A
1795EXDHi-Current DC Power Supply 0-64V/0-15A
1796EXDHi-Current DC Power Supply 0-16V/0-50A
1803DEXD200MHz Frequency Counter
1823AEXD2.4GHz Universal Frequency Counter with Ratio Function
1856DEXD3.5 GHz Multifunction Counter (Frequency, Period, Totalize)


 1-15V, 60A Switching DC Power Supply, 220VAC version
1901-220V 1-30V, 30A Switching DC Power Supply, 220VAC version
1902-220V 1-60V, 15A Switching DC Power Supply, 220VAC version
2005BEXDRF Generator to 450MHz
2120BEXD30 MHz 2-Trace Scope With Probes
2120CEXD30 MHz 2-Trace Scope With Probes
2125CEXD30 MHz Delay Trace Scope w/Probes
2160CEXD60 MHz Scope w/Probes
231A Deluxe Multi-Network Cable Tester
2405A Mini-Pro Digital Multimeter w/Battery Test
2407A Mini-Pro, Autoranging
2408 Mini-Pro Multimeter, w/Non-Contact Tester
2511 60 MHz Handheld Digital Oscilloscope, non-isolated
2512 100 MHz Handheld Digital Oscilloscope, non-isolated
2515 60 MHz Isolated Handheld Digital Oscilloscope
2516 100 MHz Isolated Handheld Digital Oscilloscope
2530B 25 MHz, 500 MSa/s  Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2532B 40 MHz, 500 MSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2540B 60 MHz, 1 GSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2540B-GEN60 MHz, 1 GSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Generator
2542B 100 MHz, 1 GSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2542B-GEN100 MHz, 1 GSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Generator
2552 70 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2553 70 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2554 100 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2555 100 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2556 200 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2557 200 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2558 300 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2559 300 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope
262 Tone Generator & Cable Tracer Kit
2640 2.0 GHz RF Field Strength Meter
2650A 50 kHz - 3.3 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
2652A 50 kHz - 3.3 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Ge
2658A 50 kHz - 8.5 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
2703C Manual Ranging Tool Kit DMM
2704C Manual Ranging Tool Kit DMM with Transistor Test
2705B Auto Ranging Tool Kit DMM
2706B Manual Ranging Tool Kit DMM with Temperature
2707B Manual Ranging True RMS Tool Kit DMM
2708B Auto Ranging True RMS Tool Kit DMM
2709B Auto Ranging True RMS Tool Kit DMM
2712 True RMS AC DC Tool Kit DMM
2831EEXD4 1/2 Digit True RMS Bench Multimeter
2860A RUGGEDIZED 1500V 0.5% DMM
3001 Audio Generator
301 AC Line Separator
302 Phase & Motor Rotation Meter
307A Analog Insulation & Continuity Meter
308A Digital Insulation & Continuity Meter
309 Digital Earth Resistance Meter
310 Digital Milli-Ohm Meter
312B Mini AC Milli Amp Clamp Meter, 600A
313A Mini AC/DC Milli Amp Clamp Meter, 600A
316 Mini AC/DC Clamp Meter
325 True RMS AC/DC Power Clamp Meter
330B AC Current Clamp Meter, 1000A
350B AC Current Clamp Meter with Bargraph, 1000A
367A AC/DC Multifunction True RMS Current Clamp Meter, 2000A
369B AC/DC Multifunction True RMS Current Clamp Meter, 1000A
388B Test Bench DMM in new rubberized case
389A Test Bench DMM in new rubberized case
390A Test Bench DMM w/ protective rubberized case & USB interface
391A Test Bench True RMS DMM in new rubberized case
392 60,000 Count True RMS Multimeter
393 60,000 Count True RMS Multimeter with USB Interface
4001AEXD4MHz Sweep Function Generator with Dial
4003AEXD4 MHz Sweep Function Generator with 5 digit Red LED
4005DDSEXD5 MHz DDS Function Generator
4007B 7 MHz DDS Function Generator
4010AEXD2 MHz Function Generator
4011AEXD5 MHz Function Generator
4012AEXD5 MHz Sweep Function Generator
4013B 12 MHz DDS Function Generator
4014B 12 MHz DDS Sweep Function Generator
4017AEXD10 MHz Sweep Function Generator
4030EXD10MHz Pulse Generator
4040AEXD20 MHz Sweep Function Generator
4040B 20 MHz DDS Sweep Function Generator
4045B 20 MHz DDS Sweep Function Generator with Arb Function
4052 5 MHz Dual Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
4053 10 MHz Dual Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
4054 25 MHz Dual Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
4055 50 MHz Dual Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
4075 25MHz Arbitrary/Function Generator
4075GPIB 25 MHz Arbitrary / Function Generator with GPIB Interface
4076 50 MHz Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator
4078 25MHz Dual Channel Arbitrary/Function Generator
4078GPIB 25 MHz Dual Channel Arbitrary / Function Generator with GPIB
4079 50 MHz Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator
4084EXD20 MHz Programmable DDS Function Generator
4084AWGEXD20 MHz Arbitrary/Function Generator
4085EXD40 MHz Programmable DDS Function Generator
4086EXD80 MHz Programmable DDS Function Generator
4086AWGEXD80 MHz Arbitrary/Function Generator
4087EXD120 MHz Programmable DDS Function Generator
5491BEXD50,000 Count True RMS Bench Multimeter
5492BEXD5 1/2 Digit True RMS Bench Multimeter
5492BGPIBEXD5 1/2 Digit True RMS Bench Multimeter with GPIB
570A Linear IC Tester
575A Digital IC Tester
600 12V SLA Battery Capacity Analyzer
601 6 & 12V SLA Battery Capacity Analyzer
615 Light Meter
625 Thermo Hygrometer
627 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meter
630 Dual K-type Thermometer
710 Temperature Meter, Dual Input
715 Datalogging Temperature Meter, Dual Input
720 Humidity/Temp Meter w/Dual Input
725 Data logging Humidity/Temp Meter w/Dual Input
731A Anemometer with Wand Probe
732A Digital Sound Level Meter with RS 232 Capability
735 Datalogging Digital Sound Level Meter w/RS232 Software&Cable
760DX Deluxe Inligent PH Meter with Accessories
760KIT Inligent PH Meter with PH Probe
810C Compact Capacitance Meter to 20 mF
815 Component Tester
830C Dual Display Capacitance Meter to 200 mF
8500EXD300W Programmable DC Electronic Load
8502EXD300W Programmable DC Electronic Load
851 Deluxe Eprom Eraser, 110 VAC version
8510EXD600W Programmable DC Electronic Load
8512EXD600W Programmable DC Electronic Load
8514EXD1200W Programmable DC Electronic Load
8518EXD1200W Programmable DC Electronic Load
8520EXD2400W Programmable DC Electronic Load
8522EXD2400W Programmable DC electronic Load
8524-220V 5000W Programmable DC Electronic Load, 220VAC version
8526-220V 5000W Programmable DC Electronic Load, 220VAC version
8540EXD150 W DC Electronic Load
875B LCR Meter
878B Universal LCR Meter
879BEXD Deluxe Universal LCR Meter
881 In-Circuit ESR Tester
885EXDSynthesized LCR/ESR Meter with SMD Probe
886EXDSynthesized In-Circuit LCR/ESR Meter w/100kHz Test Freq.
889BEXDBench LCR/ESR Meter with Component Tester
890C Dual Display Capacitance Meter to 50 mF
9110EXD100W Multi Range 60V/5A DC Power Supply
9115 1200W Multi-Range 80V/60A DC Power Supply
9120AEXD0-32V/0-3A Single Output Programmable DC Power Supply
9121AEXD0-20V/0-5A Single Output Programmable DC Power Supply
9122AEXD60V/2.5A Single Output Programmable DC Power Supply
9123AEXD0-30V/0-5A Single Output Programmable DC Power Supply
9124EXD0-72V/1.2A Single Output Programmable DC Power Supply
9130EXDTriple Programmable DC Power Supply w/USB Interface
9150EXD 5.2V / 60A Programmable DC Power Supply
9151EXD20V / 27A Programmable DC Power Supply
9152EXD30V / 18A Programmable DC Power Supply
9153EXD60V / 9A Programmable DC Power Supply
9171EXDDC Power Supply 0-10V, 10A / 10-20V, 5A
9172EXDDC Power Supply 0-35V, 3A / 35-70V, 1.5A
9173EXDDual Channel DC Power Supply 0-10V, 10A / 10-20V, 5A
9174EXDDual Channel DC Power Supply 0-35V, 3A / 35-70V, 1.5A
9181EXDDC Power Supply 0-18V, 8A / 18 -36V, 4A
9182EXDDC Power Supply 0-10V, 20A / 10-20V, 10A
9183EXDDC Power Supply 0-35V, 6A / 35-70V, 3A
9184EXDDC Power Supply 0-100V, 2A / 100-200V, 1A
9185EXDDC Power Supply 0-400V, 0.5A / 400-600V, 0.35A
AK 390A 390A Software & RS-232 Cable
BP2510 Replacement Battery for 2510 Series
CAL601 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator
CAL73 Standard Acoustic Calibrator (94dB , 1KHz Sine Wave)
DP 21 DP21 Digital Logic Probe
DP 31A Logic Pulsar Probe
DP 52 50 MHz Logic Probe
FHS2510 Replacement Hand Strap with Connecting Hooks for 2510 Series
H500 RGB Color Analyzer
HV 44A 40kV High Voltage Probe Meter
LS1130 30V/3A Single Output DC Power Supply
LS1330 Triple Output DC Power Supply
MDL001EXDMainframe for MDL load modules
MDL002EXDMainframe extension for MDL load modules
MDL200 80V/40A/200W load module
MDL252 80V/20A/250W 2 CH load module
MDL305 500V/20A/300W load module
MDL400 80V/60A/400W load module
MDL505 500V/30A/500W load module
MDL600 80V/120A/600W load module
P771 pH Meter with ATC
P772 Conductivity Meter
S660 Class 1 Sound Analyzer
S665 Class 1 Sound Analyzer with Data Logging
XLN10014 100V / 14A 1.44kW Programmable DC Power Supply
XLN10014-GL100V / 14A 1.44kW Programmable DC Power Supply with GPIB/LAN
XLN15010 150V / 10A Programmable DC Power Supplies
XLN15010-GL150V / 10A Programmable DC Power Supplies with GPIB/LAN
XLN30052 300V / 5.2A Programmable DC Power Supply
XLN30052-GL300V / 5.2A Programmable DC Power Supply with GPIB/LAN Inter
XLN3640 36V / 40A 1.44kW Programmable DC Power Supply
XLN3640-GL36V / 40A 1.44kW Progr. DC Power Supply with GPIB/LAN
XLN60026 600V / 2.6A Programmable DC Power Supply
XLN60026-GL600V / 2.6A Programmable DC Power Supply with GPIB/LAN
XLN6024 60V / 24A 1.44kW Programmable DC Power Supply
XLN6024-GL60V / 24A 1.44kW Progr. DC Power Supply with GPIB/LAN
XLN8018 80V / 18A 1.44kW Programmable DC Power Supply
XLN8018-GL80V / 18A 1.44kW Programmable DC Power Supply with GPIB/LAN
XLNGL GPIB/LAN Interface Card
ATR-2485 RS 232 to RS 485 Adapter
BE 12 AC Adapter, 9VDC/300mA, Center
BE 9 Power Adapter, 9V DC 200mA
BE2510 Replacement AC Power Adapter for 2510 Series
BE802 European Wall Adapter with output of 12VDC/150mA, Center
CC-21 BNC Breakout to Alligator Clips
USB2RS USB to Serial (RS232) Adapter
USB390A USB Interface for model 390A
XLN485 RS485 Cable
XLNPC XLN Power Cord
XLNRC Rapid Output Connector
DRRM2U1 Rack mount kit for one 2U 9170 or 9180 series power supply
DRRM2U2 Rack mount kit for two 2U 9170 or 9180 series power supplies
DRRM3U1 Rack mount kit for one 3U 9170 or 9180 series power supply
DRRM3U2 Rack mount kit for two 3U 9170 or 9180 series power supply
IT-E151 rack mount kit for 1785B-88, 8500 & 9120A, series, 9130
LC 12 Dual Compartment Carrying Case
LC 210A Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer Carrying Case
LC 24 Mini-Pro DMM Carrying Case
LC 29B DMM Carrying Case
LC 33 Clamp-On DMM Carrying Case
LC 40 Function Generator Carrying Case
LC 760 Aluminum Case with Foam Padding
LC2510 Plastic Carrying Case for 2510 Series
RK02 Rack mount kit for bench DMMs 2831E and 5491B
CP62 300 kHz AC/DC Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe
PR 28A 40kV High Voltage DMM Probe
PR 32A RF Detect/Demodular Probe
PR 33A 10:1/Direct 90 MHz Scope Probe
PR 37AG 150 MHz, 10:1 oacilloscope probe, grey
PR 37AR 150 MHz, 10:1 oscilloscope probe, red
PR-55 High-Voltage Oscope Probe, 10kV, 50MHz
PR-60 Active Differential Probe, x10/x100
PR150SA 150 MHz 1x/10x Oscilloscope Probe w. insulated BNC
UCP2510 Replacement Probe Compensator Connector with USB Plug
AK 710 Thermolink Software w/RS-232 Cable for 710
AK 720 Testlink Software w/RS-232 Cable for 720
AK 73X Sound Level Meter RS 232 Interface Kit
AK 760 Software for model 760 w/RS232 cable
AK IR RS232C to IR Adapter
AK57X 570A & 575A Interface Software with USB Dongle
DR1DIO Analog Digital I/O Input Control Card 1-ch for 9170/9180
DR2DIO Analog Digital I/O Input Control Card 2-ch for 9170/9180
DRGL GPIB/LAN Interface Card for 9170 and 9180 Power Supplies
DRRS232 RS232 Interface Card for 9170 and 9180 Power Supplies
DRRS485 RS485 Interface Card for 9170 and 9180 Power Supplies
IT-E131 RS 232 Interface Kit, 1785B-1788, 8500, 9120A, 9150 series
IT-E132 USB Interface Kit, 1785B-88, 9130, 8500, 9120A, 9150 series
AN 301 Dipole Antenna (0.8 to 1GHz) for model 2650/2652/2658
AN 302 Dipole Antenna (1.25 to 1.65GHz) for model 2650/2652/2658
AN 303 Dipole Antenna (1.7 to 2.2GHz) for model 2650/2652/2658
AN 304 Dipole Antenna (2.25 to 2.65GHz) for model 2650/2652/2658
AN 305 Dipole Antenna (390 to 410MHz) for model 2650/2652/2658
AN 306 Dipole Antenna (4.7 to 6.2GHz) for model 2658
BP 2650 Ni-MH Battery Pack for model 2650/2652/2658
CC265 Deluxe Spectrum Analyzer Accessory Kit for 2650/2652/2658
CC500 General Purpose BNC and N Adapter Kit
CC560 Deluxe Spectrum Analyzer Accessory Kit
CT 2701 Coaxial Adapter Kit for model 2650/2652/2658
LC2650A Soft Carrying Case for models 2650A/2652A/2658A
M401 Dipole Antenna (0.8 to 1 GHz) for 2650A/2652A/2658A
M402 Dipole Antenna (1.25 GHz to 1.65 GHz) for 2650A/2652A/2658A
M403 Dipole Antenna (1.7 GHz to 2.2 GHz) for 2650A/2652A/2658A
M404 Dipole Antenna (2.25 GHz to 2.65 GHz) for 2650A/2652A/2658A
M405 Dipole Antenna (300 MHz to  500 MHz) for 2650A/2652A/2658A
M406 Dipole Antenna (4.7 GHz to 6.2 GHz) for 2650A/2652A/2658A
MB400 Li-Ion battery for models 2650A/2652A/2658A
PR 26M Magnetic Field Probe for model 2650/2652/2658
PT2650A Printer for models 2650A/2652A/2658A
ZTF1 75 to 50 Ohm Adapter
CC251 Insulated BNC male to BNC male coaxial cable 1 meter
CC252 Insulated BNC male to BNC male coaxial cable  2 meter
CC510 General Purpose Function Generator Kit
CC520 Deluxe Function Generator & Counter Kit
CC540 General Purpose Oscilloscope Adapter Kit
CC545 General Purpose Power Supply Accessory Kit
CP 3 AC/DC Clamp Accessory for DMMs
TL 1 Sheathed Test Lead Set
TL 130A General Purpose DMM Kit
TL 30 30A Hook-up Cable Set
TL 5A 5A Hook-Up Cable Set
TL 8 Tweezer Test Lead (Surface Mount)
TL 830 810-875 3" Plug to Clip Test Leads (red/blk)
TL 889A Kelvin Clip to four BNC Lead
TL 9110 Do It Yourself Solderless Un-Sleeved Banana Plug Kit
TL 9120 50cm Stacking Retractable Sleeve Plug Output Cable Kit
TL 9160 150cm Stacking Retractable Sleeve Plug Output Cable Kit
TL08C 4-Wire Kelvin Test Leads with clip for models 885 & 886
TL500 High Performance Bench DMM Accessory Kit
TL885B 4-wire Test Lead for models 885 & 886
TL885D Shorting Bar for models 885 & 886
TLFG Function Generator Test Leads Set
TLPS Power Supply Test Leads Set
TP 29 Bead Probe, Standard, -50 to 200 C
TP 3 Bead Probe, Hi-Temp, -40 to 480 C

BK Precision電源

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